thank you for trusting us with your patients

A Note to our Referring Doctors

Our vision is to maintain a contemporary leading-edge practice with a treatment philosophy centered on the patient and their health. We began with a full remodel of the office at 1611 Doctors Circle implementing the most up to date digital and surgical equipment. This included the installation of the latest i-CAT 3D CBCT imaging system and surgical planning software. This gives us and you the ability to visually plan, prepare, and communicate in three dimensions for the most complex cases. 

One distinguishing part of our practice is that you can be confident in knowing that we will see your patient referrals within 2 business days for an examination. 

Practicing at Wilmington Periodontics & Implant Center are Dr. Henry Best, Dr. Jeff Thomas, and Dr. Lance Hutchens. While Dr. Hutchens and Dr. Thomas will be at the practice full time, Dr. Henry Best will continue periodically as well as providing care on his mission trips abroad. One of the greatest values of our experienced team is not only the ability to provide at the highest level all traditional as well as the leading edge periodontal and implant therapies, but also unique procedures:

  • Auto-transplantation (especially in young children)
  • Single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, or full arch implants (All-On-4/ProArch) all with immediate tooth replacement (immediate loading and provisionalization)
  • Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy or SFOT (PAOO surgery commonly referred to as Wilkodontics)
  • Regenerative Therapy (bone and gum tissue grafting
  • Non-surgical TMJ Therapy (occlusal disease evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy) 

We appreciate your keeping us in mind when evaluating your patient’s needs. We are here to serve them and you with the same kindness and respect you exemplify at your office.